Friday, November 20, 2009

There was a big turn out at the Fashion Institute of Technology, as Glenda Bailey, "Editor in chief of Harpers Bazaar", spoke with Valerie Steele "Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology" about her career in fashion and publishing. Glenda offered up a great wealth of information and inspiration to students, faculty, and guess. She spoke of her deep love and passion for fashion, and although she earned a degree in fashion design from Kingston University, she realized quite early she was not cut out to be a fashion designer. However, her love for fashion was still great. Despite personal turmoil, she launched a quarterly fashion magazine called Folio, and around this time she wanted to work with, and was appointed launch editor of British Marie Claire. She single handedly transformed the magazine all over Europe and here in America. She was not afraid to highlight new talent and show a healthy image of women. She was daring, innovative, and willing to take risk. After leaving Marie Claire Magazine, she set out to revamp one of America’s oldest and dearest magazines Harper’s Bazaar.
With the same drive and tenacity, she set out to refresh this American icon. She quickly realized that the news-stand readers and the subscribers wanted different things for the cover. Harper’s Bazaar was the 1st magazine to produce two separate covers for each. She continues to be innovative by incorporating animation in photo shoots, designers poking fun, and taking pictures of each other, even addressing politics is not taboo. She has made statements through fashion; one particular by asking Ellen DeGeneres to pose in a presidential light and writing about why a woman should be president.( photographed by Peter Lindbergh). Even having Tyra Banks pose in a photo shoot about having a black presidential family in the White House, before Obama was elected. She is not afraid to offer readers what’s happening now in our culture and society. She has won many awards, and is well known in the fashion and publishing industry. She continues to push the envelope and strive to do things that have never been done before, and still be fashionable. Through Glenda, this is what will continue to sets Harpers Bazaar apart from other magazines. She was very pleasant, funny, and opens in her conversation. As the audience listened, each individual was able to take in her inspiration and key points and apply it to his or her trade and aspirations. The night ended with Glenda personally meeting and greeting each person wanting to meet with her, even offering internships to interested students. Isabel and Ruben Toledo were among the audience, and it was a great pleasure meeting them as well as Glenda.